enhance your digital presence and save up to 90% on development and hosting costs with the local enterprise office trading online voucher scheme.


Local Enterprise Office Trading Online Voucher Scheme

what is it?

The LEO Trading Online Voucher Scheme can help your business reduce the cost of implementing its online presence by up to 90%, up to a maximum of €2500.

who is it for?

All Businesses that satisfy the following criteria may apply:

how do i get it?

Check that the list above applies to you. You will also need to attend and Online Trading Seminar with your Local Enterprise Office.

what's the catch?

There’s none. Simply satisfy the conditions and apply.

We can help steer you through the application process.

can i apply more than once?

Yes. A second application may be made. This can help a business to plan its online strategy in an organised and phased approach.

WHAt's next?

Contact ProofPro by telephone, by email at, or by completing the form below. We’ll be happy to help you through the next steps.

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