ProofPro provides a range of digital and online services to help your business present itself in its best light.


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The LEO Trading Online Voucher Scheme can help Small to Medium Enterprises to reduce the cost of improving and augmenting their online presence. 

Proof Reading

Read it. Read it again. Read it one more time. Get us to read it! Don’t let it past the next gate before you’re happy. Don’t be those guys that have grammatical, contextual, typographical or other errors on their material. Once it’s committed to print, or to the internet, it’s too late!


Anglicise your message! Just because you understand your product or service, it doesn’t follow that potential clients will do so also. You know you’re the best at what you do, and why would you doubt it? But, if your customers can’t understand, they aren’t going to buy. Let us simplify it for them – and you.

Content Management

A wild guess. You’ve a new web presence, right? Looks great too, I shouldn’t wonder? There’s a problem, though, isn’t there? You can’t figure out how to update it without breaking it – and it costs a fortune to get content amended. We’ll fix that, for a reasonable fee.

Social Media

Get socially distanced from your Social Media! You’re too close to the product or service you provide. You’ve nurtured the business, seen it grow and are starting to promote it a little more on FB, Twitter, Insta etc. Let’s integrate and coordinate the message across all platforms.

Digital Marketing

Let’s make a plan. You’ll post something – when you get a minute. You’ll update the website – when you get a minute. You forget which platforms upon which you’ve sent your latest message – because you didn’t really have a minute. We can build a digital marketing strategy that allows your business to tell its story in a coherent and planned fashion.

Web Presence

You’ve a website, effective enough, but not driving sales. Let’s give it a “lick of paint”. It’s probably not as secure as it once was either. Have you an up to date and verified security certificate? Are you GDPR compliant? Can you afford a data breach? Let’s see how we can offload those concerns and modernise your online presence. 

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